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The horse industry is at a point where evolution and expansion of our understanding of "what is horse" is needed. I believe we are a culture of seekers and truth finders and the old ideas of yesteryear no longer suffice. Acceptance, understanding, validation, to be heard, be seen, feel safe; they want to be apart of the conversation, they are in constant communication with us and the world around them, although non-verbal they have a lot to say about our interaction with them.

We are committed to the horses being fully self-expressed however that manifests itself. Using force, fear, intimidation maybe a useful tactic to get things done but I want you to consider the horse, consider that the horse just like humans use coping skills, survival mechanisms, they experience pressure, trauma and confusion, they have the need to evaluate their surroundings and gather information, find unity and connection with those around them. Consider interacting with the horses in a way you would want to be interacted with. Kindness, consideration, love, safety, and ultimately true belonging as we are. True freedom and liberation lies in the ability to show up our authentic self.

We have horses in training that are world-level contenders and ponies who's just the love of a child's life. We don"t get to caught up with where they are going, only that they get participate in the journey as a partner.

The process begins much the same with all of the horses, although this is not a method and we don't believe we have all of the answers! We simply start from the beginning.... Hi! I'm Jessica, can I hang with you for awhile?! Observation, awareness and patience are of course key to connecting, from there we develop an understanding for the horses, where they have been and what they have seen and for many, endured. Respect quickly follows, then trust all leading to a deep connection and ultimately a relationship. They would walk through fire for you just because they got to be apart of the conversation!

Are you seeking a mindful approach to the training of your horse? As trainers I believe it to be our responsibility to have a deep practice of reflection and self-awareness for the sake of the horses and our personal integrity.

Keep in mind our ULTIMATE goal is to guide you, teach you, inspire you to be the one to train your horse. It is a combination of principles, knowledge, persevering practice and a super duper team to support you!

Start your horse in training and keep them with us for as long as the journey takes, supplement this with weekly lessons so you can learn right along with your horse.


(lessons sold separately)