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mastery team

The Mastery equestrian team is made up of students who are committed to a deeper study of horses, some student's goals are World/National level competition, some students have their sights set on becoming trainers, coaches, and life-long enthusiasts, some students want to take the course for life experience and exposure to an in depth study of an art form. Whatever reason you have that draws you to this program, I can assure you the education, conversation and transparency is wide open and ready to be shared.

Horsemanship is considered one of the sacred art forms, Mastery, a journey traveled by many, is a path, never ending. The process of Mastery uses simple practices like wax on, wax off to grow and expand you from the inside out preparing you for complexity that lies ahead. The raw process of learning to be an equestrian allow us to see how we relate to ourselves, to pressure, we learn how to deal with attachment, upset, failure and success. There is nothing more valuable then giving yourself over to something you have no control over. During this endeavor you are not the only one, the welfare and well being of your horse is critical and comes before you, your needs, your wants, your desires. Our relationship with the horses often mimics our everyday relationships with the people in our lives. This teaches us to listen to those around us (horses/people) as they request what they need from us which in turn requires us to look deep within ourselves to find the connection and compassion for common ground and unity. The equestrian show team is made up of students who have been hand picked for the position. It is for those of us who want to take horsemanship to a higher level.

Whether you dream of riding for an NCAA D-1 team or you just want to bring your horsemanship up to a masterful level, the support and guidance offered to team members will allow for it all.

Please feel free to email for more information and requirements for team involvement.