Legacy Horsemanship llc

about us

"The horses teach us what it means to be vulnerable and transparent; to love; to be in relationships; the horses show us the value of our humanity."
- Jessica

My journey, the awareness of what it means to be human, mirrors my inquiry of what it means to be an equestrian. What sets me apart is the expansion and depth I have experienced on this path. I am committed to sharing openly my experiences and insight, the success and failure, the truth and the never ending questions that continue to illuminate the way.

I have been blessed to study and practice with some of the most sought after Masters, Mentors, Gurus, Horseman and Women this world has to offer, honoring those who have come before is a great privilege, without their commitment, reflection and soul I would not be who I am today. This is my life’s work, to share the gifts and wisdom of my personal journey of over 25 years. I would consider my work sophisticated, refined, ever evolving from good ol’ persevering practice and mindful reflection.

The many (81) National/World titles awarded to my students over the years were a direct result of their individual mastery of self and true belonging to their horse. It requires the act of dedication, accountability and work, teaching us to observe, lead and overcome all within the space of selflessness which makes the process alive and real, offering us the ability to experience what we are capable of. I have often said you will soon learn you can move mountains once you realize who you are. The horses guide us to our most magnificent self. My work continues, never ceasing to the pressures of the industry, my ego or our culture. I will continue to seek the truth, the truth that ultimately lies within us all, peace, love, true belonging. Cheers, and hopefully I will see you of the trail!